Masques du Bal

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This collection is more traditional in its aesthetic and classical in style. Because this section includes many small eye masks, it can provide an ideal selection for when a large or complicated design is not desired or would be out of place.

Party & Traditional Masks   -   Les Petits: Themed Eyemasks

Party & Traditional Masks

  Columbina: A traditional, gently pointed eyemask suitable for men or women.
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Hearkening back to the Commedia del'Arte tradition, Columbina was one of the innamorati - the lovers. (As poor Columbina was considered too pretty to wear a mask, we'll lend her name to this one.) Columbina reaches to just above the eyebrows, skirts the cheekbones and cuts just at the tip of the nose. The mask is suitable for men or women, with delicately curved eyeholes, a smooth outline and pointed temples.
Domino: A traditional rounded eyemask suitable for men or women.
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The Domino, a traditional design, masks only the nose, brow and cheeks, as with the Columbina. The eyes and nose are somewhat rounded in cut, and the mask sits just above the brow, at the tip of the nose, and has rounded temples. Suitable for men or women.
  Rosetta: A traditional ornate eyemask suitable for men or women.
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Another character with a Commedia background, but sadly originally left unmasked, Rosetta sports a sweetheart cut of the brow, a more distinctly pointed nose, slanted, pointed eyeholes and upward-swept temples, a fancier Columbina (as she should be - Columbina was her servant, after all.)
A half-face mask with sculpted eyebrows and nose.
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A sculpted half-face mask, set to reach the end of the nose, skirt the cheekbones, and just nearly reach the hairline. Mezza is a neutral mask - good for those who need a little help with their poker face.
  A harlequin-patterned Columbina Jester with a three-pointed belled hood.
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Columbina Jester

Columbina was often a lover of Harlequin in the Commedia - so half her face is lent his characteristic pattern in this Columbina Jester. The particolor scheme of her face is united under a three-belled jester's hood - also available in two- and five-bell varieties (with two styles available for the five-bell option.)
The classic epitome of disguise and mystery.
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Bauta - that is, the Bauta - was perhaps the most common of the traditional Venetian masks. Intended specifically as a disguise, the Bauta would be donned by men and women alike for unseen passage and anonymous dealings. With its full-face style and characteristic frog mouth, and traditionally worn with a black cowled robe and a tricorn hat, it obscured the identity of the wearer utterly: none of the face, hair or form could be recognized, and even the voice would be altered slightly by the cone of the lip.

Les Petits

These variations on the traditional Columbina, Domino and Rosetta eyemasks are simple and thematic, perfect for the most formal masquerade event where a character mask is desirable but a wilder mask may be inappropriate dress.

Do not feel restricted by what is shown - any eye cut or detail shown here can be placed on any of the three basic Petits masks: Columbina, Domino, and Rosetta. You are free to request any combination of features you like, including your own suggestions.

  A new twist on an old classic, the Domino mask sports curling shapes at the cheeks.
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Domino, Curly

This variant on the traditional Domino design adds interest to a classic.
Shown are a basic Domino and a Domino Curly, both unpainted.