News and Updates

The current state of the site includes all main gallery pages but only one subgallery page, for Columbina. Not all gallery pages have mask images yet. Not all masks are pictured yet, either -

New masks on the way:

New Columbinas, Rosettas and Dominoes, simple eye masks in a wide range of designs, colors and styles.
Mezza, a half-face.
Numerous beasts, including
The Jackal, one in particular with Egyptian copper kohl detail;
The Peacock, the center of attention in brilliant azure and midnight blues;
A Wood Fae, blending plant and animal kingdoms beyond distinguishment;
A Goblin, mischievous and brooding; and
The Mermaid, in various degrees of realism.
Along with these, a few Abstracts of various design.

Masks in development:

The Witchking, crowned and skeletal;
More Jesters, hatted or spired or pointed, and not always kind;
The Gryphon, beaked but with the ears of a cat;
The Cat herself, who is characteristically less than obedient regarding her design;
A few more Foxes, the Wolf and the Coyote, in their respective palettes;
The Kitsune, a more mythically traditional fox face;
A number of birds, including
The Raven, with his long, pointed beak and
The Hawk, the Falcon, and the Eagle, who share much in common but for size;
Several Skulls, one of which to be finished in red, should anyone's party need to share a character with Prospero's;
The Phantom of the Opera, as cannot be done without;
A number of Devils and Demons of various shape;
The Seelie and Unseelie courts both, and many unpredictable new fae;
And a series of Petits Masques du Bal, Columbinas, Rosettas, Dominoes and other small eye masks to be cut, sculpted and painted in myriad ways. A handful of planned designs: the Curly, new Jesters, a King, an Owl, a Bird, and the Card Suit series: Spade, Diamond, Club and Heart.