Of the Twin Courts

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The Seelie and Unseelie courts have their own masquerades, and might take amusement at the mortals that play at being fey - but be careful, as drawing their attention always carries risks. Here are only a slight few of their many manifestations, and primarily those of the Twin Courts. A number among these have a particular elemental aspect, and often you'll find them both attending the Court and off in their abode of choice.

  A plant that resembles a butterfly, or a butterfly that resembles a plant? And why does this sound like Chuang Tzu?
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Wood Fae

A butterfly of leaves, twigs and roots - or a plant of wings and antennae, who could tell?
A subject of neither Court - or so one might guess - this fae blends the borders of the realms of creatures and plants - but then, isn't that exactly what you might expect? Delicate tendrils extend from antennae and wingtips, while the wings themselves resemble leaves, a thing strange and lovely.
A little butterfly - what could be more innocuous?
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All wings and antennae, there's hardly anything to distinguish her from a pretty insect - but you can't always trust your eyes. Knobbly antennae crown a blush-winged face, and that's all we're let to know.