Of the Wood

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A collection of whispering leaves, elusive dryads and enigmatic forest spirits.

Soon to come - a number of leaf eyemasks, in a variety of species.

  The Greenman of Bamberg, a face of acanthus leaves.
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Greenman of Bamberg

Initially inspired by the Greenman at Bamberg Cathedral, his intricately-cut face is sculpted into gentle relief and depth by overlay. The Greenman's wizened acanthus-leaf face is capable of tremendous expression. Shown here in medium green with tints of copper at the leaftips, and broad green satin ribbon ties. Available for all seasons.
A butterfly of leaves, twigs and roots - or a plant of wings and antennae, who could tell?
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Wood Fae

This fae blends the borders of the realms of creatures and plants - but then, isn't that exactly what you might expect? Delicate tendrils extend from antennae and wingtips, while the wings themselves resemble leaves, a thing strange and lovely.
  A wild wood sprite - somewhere between Puck and Pan...
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Somewhere between Puck and Pan, this mischievous wood sprite gleams in a warm golden green harkening to summer sunlight through the canopy, with touches of silver on the brow between four horn buds and sloping spired ears.