Masks: Bamberg Greenman

Patience, please - this page is under construction.

This mask, initially inspired by the Greenman at Bamberg Cathedral, is intricately cut into a lacework of foliage and sculpted into gentle relief and depth by overlay. This Greenman's sage acanthus-leaf face is capable of tremendous expression, with gentle features speaking of compassion as the full leaves demonstrate vitality.

The mask rises high across the face, over the forehead and circling to cover the nose and lower cheeks. Overlay and undercut create the illusion of depth in texture and simple, smooth carved lines form stylized veins. The paint is usually simple in scheme, with an accent in a soft metallic; the featured mask here is a rich, waxy summer green with tints of copper at the leaftips. Any season or combination of colors is available.

Lined in a natural suede and bound with ribbon ties.

To picture every available permutation of this design would be an impossible task, and would sadly exclude your own ideas. Please do not hesitate to send a note if you have an idea and would like a quote or to discuss a design.