Copyright Statement

Here I provide some of the basics - this information is NOT all-inclusive of my rights to my own works and does not represent any limitations thereto.

Stealing is Not Nice. You surely know this. But it's a lot easier for many people to understand why stealing a book or a painting is wrong, something tangible and physical, than to understand that stealing an image or bit of writing is wrong, because the owner doesn't 'lose' their copy. Essentially, what you're REALLY stealing is the idea - and the owner's right to determine the use of their property.

Everything on this website - the text, the design, all the images and graphics, and all the mask designs on this webpage belong to Cwicseolfor Studios. Please do not use them, in any way whatsoever, without permission. Getting permission generally isn't hard, on the other hand - visit my contact page and you'll be able to email for permission from there. Far from refusing, I'll probably be flattered! But it's legally and morally wrong to use the content without permission of the owner, in the same way that it would be wrong to borrow someone's car without permission. And as copyright owner it will be my prerogative to seek legal intervention.

Plus, I'd probably enjoy seeing whatever use you make of my work, anyway.