Handmade leather masks by Cwicseolfor, each unique and perfect for any masquerade. We are under construction - so please pardon the mess. There'll be more soon. We have masks for Mardi Gras, for Purim, for Fasching, for Halloween, for Pagan or Shaman ritual, for the Renaissance or Medieval faire, for theater, for LARP, or Carnaval. We have eye masks, quarter masks, half masks and soon whole face masks. We have fairies and faeries and fay and fey and fae, and a fairy and faery to name a few. We have dragons and wyverns and drakes. We have goblins and hobs and caps and boggies. We have ghosts and ghouls and shades and shadows. Gryphons, griffins, and even gryffins. We have wolves (yes, there'll be more than one wolf present) and foxes and coyotes, jackals and dingos and dogs. There are cats and lions, tigers (and bears, too, if you wondered.) We have birds of all sorts, ravens and crows and eagles and hawks and falcons, peacocks and jays, cardinals and canaries. We have trees - a whole forest - of oaks and elms and willows - and then there's ferns and leaves and roses. There're elves here, and a Puck, and the Seelie and Unseelie courts. There're goats and satyr cousins. We have deer and jesters, even if the one scares the other. Speaking of scares - we have skulls and phantoms, too. Jesters (did I mention them? They love deer.) and dancers and veiled women and men of powers. We may eventually have the Muses. We have cards and fish and birds and maybe a snail or octopus, as we also have gastro- and cephalopod love. We've got gift masks and Valentine masks, Christmas masks and Fourth of July masks, Birthday masks and Unbirthday masks. We have baton masks and tie masks. Large masks and small masks. One mask, two masks, red mask, blue mask! Couples' masks! CUSTOM masks! Any mask you can dream and we can do (sorry, that's redundant.) A million and one masks, or as many as the artist can make before her demise. Welcome, anyhow, and enjoy the masks!
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