Welcome to Cwicseolfor Masks

     Unique handmade leather masks, for wear or display -
          guaranteed one-of-a-kind at any party,
               sure to be an exotic conversation piece on the bookshelf,
                    or to make a truly unforgettable gift.

Studio on hiatus - no production at this time

The Studio has been shuttered, but may be reopening around 2020. Most recent productions are on the New Additions page, personal work since the pause went into effect can be occasionally found updated to the artist’s deviantArt gallery, and if you have any questions please visit the FAQ or contact page. If you would like to know more about Cwicseolfor Masks but do not have a specific question, please see the About page.

All masks are handmade by a single artist from quality leathers and embellishments, ideally to an individual's own specifications and preferences. Images shown are merely examples of myriad possibilities - nothing is constrained by what you see here, because you commission directly from an artist who enthusiastically seeks to create a unique, wearable artwork just for you.

If you would like to see more mask photos while this site and the Studio are in dormancy, please visit the deviantArt gallery.

The Galleries

Of the Wood

From simple leaf and bark eye masks to greenmen, a series of masks with a woodland theme.

Of the Water

Personified water and ice in faces of waves and foam.

Of the Air

Characterizations of ether and of fire born of air.

Of the Shadows

Darkness creeping or stalking, the forms of shade and night.

Of the Twin Courts

The Seelie and Unseelie Gentry in fair and fey procession.

The Bestiary

A menagerie of birds and beasts, both fantastic and familiar.

Du Bal

Masks reminiscent of the Commedia tradition, Couples' masks, and a series of small, formal eyemasks of diverse themes in the Petits series.