Of the Shadows

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A host of ghouls, goblins, demons and shades, here less for your amusement than for their own. You'll find no Unseelie fae, cruel water spirits or firey dragons here - see the Twin Courts, Water Gallery, and Bestiary for those - but if it's a vampire, shadow or skull you seek, it's found you.

  Mire, rising with a texture like black oil dripping from a horned face.
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Four horns or tendrils rise from the slime, crowning a dripping, subtly asymmetrical face in gleaming black and gentle silver accent. Black satin ribbons form the ties at the temples.
A nasty little goblin.
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A most unpleasant little creature, with an odd, changable expression, from a sneer to a frown to a horrid grin depending on the angle and the wearer's own temperament. Mind your fingers - he bites.