Masks: Mire

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Four horns or tendrils rise from the slime, crowning a dripping, subtly asymmetrical face. The lines in this abstract curl and undulate as if recoiling from currents in dark water, oil melting away from the face.

The horns curl high above the head, melting into a strong brow and flat, dripping nose and cheeks. Like cooled candle wax, the shape and sculpting of the lower face seems still-fluid and strange. This mask is amazing in a glossy, PVC-look black with dark silver accent at horntips and drops, but is also wild and striking in a variety of other shades, the bolder the better. Must be seen to be believed. One of Cwicseolfor's favorites.

Lined in a natural suede and bound with ribbon ties.

To picture every available permutation of this design would be an impossible task, and would sadly exclude your own ideas. Please do not hesitate to send a note if you have an idea and would like a quote or to discuss a design.


Pricing Guide:

- Up to three colors in a simple scheme at base price.
- Any more elaborate painting or carving work will be priced on a case-by-case basis; please contact us for an estimate.