Masks: Rosetta

Patience, please - this page is under construction.

Rosetta, like Columbina, takes its name and most elemental style from the Commedia del'Arte, but is fancier in shape (and only rightly - Columbina was a servant, after all.) The most ornate of the basic eyemasks, Rosetta sports a sweetheart cut of the brow, upswept temples, a distinctly pointed nose, and slanted, pointed eyeholes. As an eyemask, this design covers the eyebrows, runs most of the length of the nose and accents the cheekbones.

Rosetta is available in a remarkable array of painted or carved designs. Anything you can dream up can be available, from the most simple in a single color, to the most complex featuring elaborate dimensional paint or unique carving and tooling. Even as this gallery page expands with scores of examples of decorative designs, the page will hardly begin scratch the surface of the potential variety. For other variations on the Rosetta, see Les Petits.

Lined in a natural suede and bound with ribbon ties.

To picture every available permutation of this design would be an impossible task, and would sadly exclude your own ideas. Please do not hesitate to send a note if you have an idea and would like a quote or to discuss a design.


Pricing Guide:

- Particolor (two colors divided straight down the nose) masks run for $32.
- Masks featuring simple shapes in two or three colors run for $35, as does very simple carving - initials, for example.
- Masks showcasing elaborate dimensional paint, similar to the featured wedding-style mask at the top of this page, begin at $90.