Masks: Bauta

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The Bauta is a traditional Venetian design, a mask intended expressly for disguise; donned by men and women alike for unseen passage and anonymous dealings, it was traditionally worn with a tricorn hat and cowled cloak. The frogmouth, angled away from the face while still shielding it from view, allowed the wearer to eat, drink, and otherwise use his or her mouth while maintaining the disguise; the shape also alters the wearer's voice slightly, changing the timbre so as to further decrease the chances of being recognized.

This original variation on the traditional design features a slightly furrowed sculpted brow, a rounder mouth, and a prominent philtrum, more facelike and emotive than the traditional mask. The mask covers the whole of the face, its squared-off brow intended to meet with a hat.

Lined in a natural suede and bound with ribbon ties.

To picture every available permutation of this design would be an impossible task, and would sadly exclude your own ideas. Please do not hesitate to send a note if you have an idea and would like a quote or to discuss a design.


Pricing Guide:

- Available in a particolor scheme, two colors divided vertically down the center of the face, from $70.
- Available with small scrollwork detail in a second color from $70, in particolor with alternating or same-color detail from $75.
- Available in elaborate particolor scheme with one side covered in flat scrollwork detail from $90.
- Any more elaborate painting or carving work will be priced on a case-by-case basis; please contact us for an estimate.